Parlee Beach : a crucial economic engine for our community

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August 21, 2017

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Let's support Parlee Beach

Parlee Beach : a crucial economic engine for our community

Monday, August 21, 2017

SHEDIAC, NB - The Greater Shediac Chamber of Commerce wants to acknowledge the role of Parlee Beach as a key economic driver for the community and to reiterate its support to the Government of New Brunswick for its responsible approach to Parlee Beach.  "Parlee Beach plays a priceless role in the economic prosperity of our region and our province," said Ron Cormier, President of the Greater Shediac Chamber of Commerce. "It is important for all citizens and business leaders in the region to support the efforts and initiatives put in place by all public and private sector stakeholders to improve the water conditions of our region's primary asset", adds Mr. Cormier.

Minister Serge Rousselle updated the initiatives of the action plan of the Ministry of the Environment and local governments at a press conference last Friday. Minister Rousselle announced that two infrastructure projects, valued at approximately $ 1.68 million, will begin this fall in Shediac and Pointe-du-Chêne. These projects will aim to better protect the environment and public health. The Minister also confirmed the good progress or conclusion of most other projects announced earlier this year by the provincial government to address water quality challenges at Parlee beach and Murray beach.

Last May, Parlee Beach was declared a unique aspect of the environment under the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations. In addition, the provincial and federal governments announced up to $ 3 million in infrastructure and study projects to support improvements in water quality at Parlee Beach.

Tourism is an important economic driver for New Brunswick. Indeed, tourism represents an industry that generates above one billion a year in economic spin-offs for the province. The Southeast Region of the province is responsible for nearly half of these economic spin-offs, and a large portion of these are from out-of-province visitors during the summer season. Parlee Beach is clearly one of the main assets that attracts several hundred thousand leisure visitors every summer from outside the region, who are spending millions of dollars in our local economy.

As importantly, businesses and families want to work, live and play in communities that offer a unique quality of life. A coastal community surrounded by water represents the foundation of the brand and charm of Shediac. Thus, Parlee Beach also supports the growth of several other industries, as it represents the main selling feature leveraged by all stakeholders to attract families and workers to Shediac.

« As a coastal town anchored around Parlee Beach, we must be proactive in restoring and protecting the coastal area of Parlee Beach and the businesses of Greater Shediac by finding a balance between economic development and water protection », concluded M. Cormier.

The mission of the Greater Shediac Chamber of Commerce is to be the leading voice of businesses and industries, dedicated to enhancing opportunities for growth and encouraging social and economic development as well as the well-being of the citizens living in the Greater Shediac region.


For more information, please contact Anne McGraw at the Greater Shediac Chamber of Commerce at (506) 531-2202 or via email at


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